Life Beyond is a group of caring people providing a simple yet cost effective means of laying you or your loved ones to rest. Our burial at sea service consists of a dignified ceremony and the reverent scattering of cremains with flowers.

Captain Tom Hallock, a licensed captain, offers you this alternative to the higher cost of land burial and makes you and your family at one with the ancient traditions of the sea.

Isn't it about time you put your loved ones to sea? The ones in your attic, garage, basement, closet and on the mantle. Free them! Bury them at sea. Cremated remains are sterilized minerals.

Whatever your religious beliefs, you are welcome on the vessel. Should you wish, Captain Hallock can perform the service for you. When circumstance dictates an immediate burial, we can accommodate you.

Your further questions will be answered when you call, e-mail or fax Life Beyond Sea Burial.